wordpress外掛介紹─RSS in Page


wordpress外掛介紹─RSS in Page

外掛名稱:RSS in Page



  [rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL1, feedURL2, feedURL3']


2‧此外掛預設為顯示五則,顯示的內容為『x: Y – w<br>z』,於此處x代表時間,Y代表帶有連結的標題,y代表標題(不帶連結),z是描述,w是 feed的名稱,所以若直接貼會看到下列樣式:

[rssinpage rssfeed=’http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/15014959.rss’]



[rssinpage rssfeed='http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/15014959.rss' rssitems='3' rssdescription='no' rsscss='bullet-blue' rsstarget='_blank']

[rssinpage rssfeed=’http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/15014959.rss’ rssitems=’3′ rssdescription=’no’ rsscss=’bullet-blue’ rsstarget=’_blank’]


  • rssitems=’number’ sets the number of items to return, default is 5
  • rssorder=’asc’ returns items from oldest to newest, default is ‘desc’ which returns items from newest to oldest
  • rsstarget=’_blank’ opens item link in new window, default is ‘_self’
  • rssdateformat allows item date to be formatted using php date parameters, default is RFC 2822 formatted date
  • rss description=’no’ suppresses default display of the description
  • rsscss=’yourclassname’ allows you to give the list a specific style rather than inheriting the default content list style in your theme
  • rsstitlelength allows you to truncate the title to a certain character length
  • rssdescriptionlength allows you to truncate the description to a certain character length
  • rsstimezone allows you to set the timezone in which the feed datetime will be displayed, default is UTC; use values from the php list of supported timezones e.g. PST is America/Los_Angeles, MST is America/Denver, CST is America/Chicago, EST is America/New_York.


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